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The store is going great.... but I still have time to knit quite a bit. Thanksgiving is coming and I need to think of that a bit. I recently received in a huge amount of puzzles and they will be on sale the Friday after Thanksgiving. Hope somebody is viewing this blog, and if so...let me know. I'm thinking of disbanding if it is not of use.... And let me know what you would like to know... I guess I'm not a blogger at heart so it seems like I'm .. rambling. Email me at if you want. Thanks! Tobi
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Hi- I found a few minutes to update.... The shop is going well, sort of on auto pilot at times:) I am not painting the shop this spring.... just not in the picture at this point. Plus, as my son says- it doesn't need it. I am planning tentatively to keep the shop open later on Thursday nights, as sort of an informal "game night." There are some games I really want to play myself and hope some people pop in that know how to play Go or Othello. I want to play Gobblet the first time because that is one I know about... Farkel-would love to play Farkel....I hope, if I ever date again in this lifetime, that the person loves games and puzzles (among other things). Oh, and he must dance, and maybe even dance... well. Probably too much to hope for, huh?
In any case, the store keeps me busy. I also am a part time counselor and also do mediations for the local county courts. My counseling has to be part time if I am to be almost 6 days a week. Plus, counseling was destined to always be part time- just not enough clientele... although I'm sure there are quite a few that could benefit from a bit of counseling:) Needless to say (so I'm saying it anyways!) tax time is a bit of a nightmare. That's okay, I have a wonderful accountant who bears up patiently with me, as I deposit all sorts of odds and ends at her feet... I always get the 10 questions... the ones that make me have to search around for the latest statement, receipt, bill, etc. But the good news- I'm getting better every year at keeping track of the right stuff. And I also consider it a lucky day when something appears magically on my desk or in the folder it is supposed to be in... Little things make me happy.
And I'm already planning on my next January vacation, which is a lot of fun.

I've got a lot of new puzzles which seem to fly off the shelves.... I just ordered 2 large stuffed elephants from the same company that I got the penquin and pug from, Melissa and Doug. The elephants are fairly large, maybe like the size of a 5 or 6 year old so we'll see where I put them.... Kites are selling daily, as is Farkel. I just got in the little white Farkel cases that say Overboard, Manzanita on them, which Olga used to sell. I found a site on-line which sells "retro candy." Rock candy, candy necklaces, and dots...And my to-do list includes getting the e-mailing list going. I may ask my son to type in the names for me.

Three weeks ago we had snow, about an inch rested on my roof. Yesterday was close to 70! And who knows about today, and it is slightly cooler. Well, that's about it! Tobi....
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Hi- just an update from Overboard. Things are going well. January was a slow month and I took a week off to go to California. It did me a world of good- the warm weather, visiting my sister for 2 days, driving around winery country. The warmth and sunlight were just what I needed. And now I'm back. I have restocked- lots of new puzzles, and some new games. And a supply of the stand-bys. I had a painting- sorry, a "rendering" of the store done. It was done by my friend Cecile LaPointe, and she did a fantastic job. I am having postcards made from it and will send one out to whoever wants one.... Other than that- the store is to be painted sometime this spring, a very very pale peach, a whisper of color. So, the store's the same, but still in the process of change.... Talk to all later. Tobi
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new store for me....

Hi, and let me introduce myself... I'm Tobi, the one who bought Olga's store. I'm hoping to continue the blog that she started.... I know the sale of the store was bittersweet for Olga, and my aim is to keep the store in a shape and form that is recognizable to Olga as Overboard.... she did a great job on it for several years. I love the store. I like the busy days, of course, but the slower days are nice to gather one's orders.... call a friend or two... browse through catalogues. When the store is quiet, there's a nice calm to it.... unlike one's home, for example. I have a pug and a red mini-dachshund who love me and clamor all over me when I walk in the door. And since I love them too, I have to spend some time with them- petting them, getting wet kisses, throwing a dog toy or two. I also have 2 fat cats. I don't overfeed them, I think they under-exercise. All they do is sleep or clean their fur. What a life! Oh,and I have 2 finches who keep laying eggs. They don't sit on them or tend to them, so the eggs do not develop and it is kind of sad to see the eggs unattended. The eggs also are large in comparison to the little birds, so it must be quite th feat to keep laying these eggs. Oh, and I have 2 fish tanks, a large and a small one. And a rabbit in the garage. Who helps me with all these animals who need feeding and tending to? My son Benjamin who is 16, soon to be 17. He also helped me in the store this summer. He had strong suggestions for games he felt should be in the store. I took his suggestions, sometimes reluctantly. But I did, because he is 16 and a social kid, and knows what that age group likes... And I'm glad I took his advice. Between Benjamin and Olga, I was able to tend to some other chores, events at times and still keep the store open. There you have it...
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So I am selling the shop on Wednesday... 

It is sort of bitter-sweet for me, I really liked what I did, and it felt great to be good at it :) But I am looking forward to going to Portland to see friends, shows and shops, doing as much yoga as my body can take, and hopefully, writing more quality material for my personal blog,
where I hope to see you soon!

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Russian books for Angelina

My dear friend and an awesome person - Angelina - is writing a play! Yuppy!
Apparently, she doesn't care if the play gets totally wrecked by my starring in it :)

So, since I am to play a Russian, I have compiled a list of my favorite Russian books for her to read and get into the mood.

First of all, here is what I meant by
INTELLIGENTSIA - described as well as I ever could in wikipedia.
It is a notion that is central and crucial to my understanding of what distinguishes ex-soviet people from Americans as a group. I hate stereotyping, and I will not do it here. Not all (by far not all) Russians strive to be "intelligentsia", and I do perceive many Americans as such.
But the whole fact that the word does not exist in English, and needs long explanations, speaks for itself.

Now, let me brush on a pet peeve of mine just a bit - may I note that the nation that prides itself on its mysterious soul, ancient culture and spirituality, literacy level and high (seriously, REALLY high) quality education, the nation that feels superiority over the "dumb" counterparts - is also the nation that tolerates treating women as second-class, does not give a damn about littering, nation that all but feels pride because of how wide spread alcoholism is, nation intolerant of gay rights, xenophobic, patriarchal, and , once again, drunk, drunk, drunk!
How is that for not stereotyping? I guess I just can't understand how one can be so well-read and puke in your own building's hallway. Or admire Verlaine's poetry and call your woman "slit" [as in vagina slit - щелка] 
Examples taken from what my actual boyfriends have done.

Anyway, here are the authors to read, in no particular order.

M. Bulgakov - If I had to pick, he is my favorite author, and the following is my favorite book:

Master and Margarita [Master and Margaret] - no review will do it justice, although you will find tons of stellar ones. The book blew my mind when I was 16, and I must have read it over a dozen times in Russian, as well as three times in English and 4 times in French. I don't know what I needed the translations for, because nothing will ever come close to the ecstasy that Bulgakov's style, his virtuosity with the Russian language gives me. Mirra Ginsburg's translation is the best, IMO.
*R_E_A_D    *    I_T !!!!!!!!!!*

Heart of a dog - this one deals a lot with intelligentsia vs. proletarians.  One of the rare instances where I like the movie more. I'll do a list of favorite movies too some day.

S. Dovlatov - a lot of his works have been translated, since he had immigrated to the USA. I love everything he'd written, but "soviet" period more then american.

Compromise  is a compilation of short stories about his experience as a journalist. Here is one of Amazon reviews:
Captures the emptiness and ironies of late Communism.
Reviewer:Honest Mind "K" (Philadelphia, PA)
Living as a Russian journalist in Soviet Estonia, Dovlatov captures the cynicism, emptiness, irony, isolation, careerism, and dissonance of late Soviet communism. It is a work of powerful literary force and profound human awareness.

From Library Journal
This work consists of eight stories, the titles of which represent items the author brought with him when he emigrated; together they form an account of his life in Leningrad in the Sixties. He moves in bohemian circles, with journalists, actors, black marketeers--all dedicated drinkers--whom he describes with a keen sense of the comic and absurd. The funniest story is about a prison camp convoy in which the crazy prisoner emerges more sane and responsible than his two drunken guards. It is very entertaining, though, and good for laughs.
- Ulla Sweedler, Univ. of California Lib., San Diego
Copyright 1990 Reed Business Information, Inc. 

L. Ulitskaya - I can not put down her books once I get them! Here is the whole list [of what's on Amazon]

My favorites in order of loving it are:

Medea and her children
Kasus Kukotskogo (I don't know if it's translated)

But I like them all. The funeral party is a great sneak peek at the life (or rather, death and what accompanied it) of  a Russian immigrant in NY 

No time for more, but this will give Angelina enough to read for the next 4-5 years :)
Many of my favorites are not translated, as far as I can tell.
As a side note, I'm still waiting for myself to "get" Dostoevsky - I know I can, maybe I need to get a bit more depressed.
It is a must to at least try to read Tolstoy's War and Peace. I skipped through most of the war, as did most of my girl friends.
Gogol's "Dead Souls" is a true masterpiece, but I have a feeling you have to have grown up in Russia (or Ukraine) to enjoy it. The Overcoat is a very touching classic story, too.

I have found some translations of Daniil Harms (Kharms sometimes) online, but not published. Worth hunting for! An absurd, brain-bending literature, mostly extra-sorts. Shocking if taken seriouslly. The best way I can discribe it is: "Freakishly amusing"

So long!
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So we have this gorgeous floor in the shop, made of myrtlewood *
We bought it when we built the house - in winter of 2004/05, and everything was great, people adore the floor so much, I have to tell them : "Get your eyes off the floor, I'm selling games here!" LOL
Anyway, a couple of months ago I saw tiny mounds of powdery wood shavings on one of the boards (on top of where there was obvious bug activity in the tree)

All right, so we got the fumigators to come and look at it, and the diagnosis was - powder post beetles! **

So every morning I would come into the shop, and look at the floor, and see the new tiny holes, with powder around them in the most perfect minuscule mountains, like yellow volcanoes - and I would sit there and worry about how fast they spread, and look in, trying to see the beetle inside. Sometimes they would peek out, but not ever crawl out. I swept up the "volcanoes", and then the next morning there would be new ones to look at :)

And then the floor guy came, pulled up the boards and put in the new ones. They do not have the finish on them yet, so it looks like a big light brown island in the vast myrtlewood ocean. The carpenter took the old ones away, along with the beetles. Just put them in a black garbage bag and carried away.

So the next morning, and the next, and every morning for the last week, I come to the light brown island and stare at it. It takes me a while to remember, that my beetles have gone in a black plastic bag....

They were my pests,
My pets.
My beetles.

And who knows, they may have left me some eggs, or larvae, or something else equally romantic, and I may see them again, my dear beetles...


* Myrtlewood trees only grow in two places on Earth - Oregon and Israel. 
The tree can vary from a low shrub in the higher elevation with poor soil to 70 feet in groves along rich river bottoms. Generally, the trees will be 1 foot to 3 feet in diameter for each 100 years of age. When cut, the Myrtlewood yields some of the most varied colors and grain patterns to be found in a single species.  Colors range from light straw to chocolate brown, mixed with lemon yellow to deep ruddy red and streaks of nearly black. This vivid color range can even appear in a single section of wood. [Also appearing in a section of wood - powder post beetles! - OO ] Some of the wood fibers twist and curl to form patterns known as burl, with thousands of tiny eyes; fiddle back which looks like waves undulating in the ocean, all tied together with random swirls of fibers. Myrtle is arguably the most beautiful wood native to the USA. This remarkable wood is exceptionally dense and strong,  and finishes wonderfully. Myrtlewood is recognized for its beauty and strength in this area and has been used by craftsmen since the early nineteen hundreds. It’s made into bowls, goblets, musical instruments, flooring, moldings, window & door trim and everything in-between. There is no waste with Myrtlewood - what’s left over makes some of the best long burning firewood you can imagine. Taken from here 
Our floor was made of logging salvage wood, so it is environmentally friendly. The wood is very hard, good for high traffic areas, and drop-dead gorgeous! It looks like oak, it looks like birch, it looks like maple, pine and even cherry. Every board is unique in pattern and color.


The larvae of powder post beetles reduce timbers to a mass of very fine, powder-like substance.  You can easily recognize the work of powder post  beetles. When the adults emerge, usually in June, some species leave small holes about the size of a pin in the
surface of the wood; others make holes the size of pencil lead. From these holes, a fine, powder like brood of larvae carry on their destructive feeding. Normally, these insects have a 1-year life cycle; this means that the adults will appear only once each year. And because of this habit the larvae have a feeding period of many months.

killer bunnies

On importance of blogging

Hello and happy spring!

I have been away from the blog, if not from the computer, for a while, and lack of news is not to blame, I am just a kind of person who is "unto" one thing today and another tomorrow.

For today, it's
IN: quilting
OUT: blogging.

But I have just been reminded of great fun that blogging is by Kathleen Bauer, author of
She took my picture holding my dear Malfi doll, and will probably put my link into her Manzanita report :)

So, I thought, I MUST write something in here !

What's new? Melissa and Doug is a brand I should have carried from day one! The quality of their wooden chunky puzzles for smaller kids is superb, the magnetic/dry erase boards sold in a flash, but this guy:

Is just precious!so huggable! So soft :)))))))))))))

So, I guess, I am officially in toy business now. 

Overboard will be 2 years old on May 6th, 07. When we started, the focus was on family board games, and more serious "gamer" games, like, oh, I don't know... Puerto Rico [which I still carry].

But it became clear that my shoppers were mostly vacationing families looking for something quick and fun, and easy. Thus, more games for age 6+, less for 12+
More card and board games, no role playing. 
You live - you learn. I actually like my shop more now, I still only buy the ones that are award winners and well-reviewed on , but the focus has shifted.

Then another epiphany was: Since day one I was referred to in the community as " the toy shop lady", no matter how blue my face got correcting them : "Game store, G_A_M_E store!"
Why fight it?
I got toys now.

I guess I just feel like games are so much better for the child [then toys]
My son is 4, and we are finally mastering the Candyland. I did try to start straight with Hsss , but he's not ready yet. They all learn at a different speed, don't they?

But I literally can see his mind at work when we play, concentrating, thinking.
And cars, trains, bears - that's all fine, and imaginative pretend play is important, but how many cars does one boy need???!!??

Anyway, I digress. Fighting the demand is really not the wisest business decision. If the Customer wants toys - toys I do have. At least I know I will chose the best quality I can find. And I keep my promise to myself of

-No electronic noises
-No guns
-No bright plastic items

But I did get the Automoblox cars - I can't put them down myself :) And I can take them completely apart and re-assemble, which is sort of like a puzzle, so fits in with my shop. The wood they are made of is really hard, smooth and looks great, too. And when the parts snap together, they make the most satisfying "click!"

I think they are from now on my favorite product. For the record, it used to be Gobblet, and before that - Killer Bunnies

OK, I hope it was fun for you to read!

Happy playing,

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Smart games flier


I actually don't know who you guys are (my readers), but if you are a retailer, you can use this as a selling point, and if you are a game player - you could check some of these out, if you haven't already.
The pictures of games are noy posting for some reason


SMART GAMES (Gift guide)


It might not be the ultimate measure, but in my opinion, MENSA – the High IQ people’s society  selects the best mind challenging games. Below are some of their award’s past winners and my personal favorites:     



NIAGARA Mensa-Best Mind-Game05

Game of the year ’05 In the wild rapids of the Niagara River, fearless canoers

battle the water and each other to collect gems along the riverbank. Of course, the most valuable gems are close to the waterfall…                                         Age 8+



Mensa-Best-Mind-Game-2003  Easy enough for a 5 y.old, definitely challenging enough for adults. The rules  take less than a minute to

learn. Players take turns placing pieces onto the board. The goal is to cover as much of it as possible. Block your opponents while expanding your own territory!  5+


Sudoku!  The Sudoku mania is sweeping the nation! There's no math involved. The grid has numbers, but nothing has to add up. You solve the puzzle with reasoning  and

logic. It's fun. It's challenging, it’s addictive!  All levels available, as well as kids’ 5x5  and electronic Sudoku.


Apples-to-Apples Mind Game 99  Our best selling game , and deservingly so. More then a game – it’s a great reason for a

conversation! Everyone gets a turn to make hilarious comparisons. Fast moving and refreshing, Apples to Apples is perfect for any get together with family and friends!                                                        Ages 7+  or 12+


FLUXX  Mind-Game’99 One of my favorites ! Every card you play changes either the basic rule of the game or what

you  have to do to win! Random AND smart!      Age 8+


Quiddler Mind-Game’99 A breakthrough in word games. Unlike most word games, Quiddler is very fast. Just combine your cards into words!                                 Age 8+






Gobblet  With irresistible fast moving play and astonishingly simple rules, this is a game you will play again and again.                                         Age 5+ or 7+



Rush hour Mind game ’97 Great for one player, but can be played competitively. Set up the traffic on a game grid to match one of 40 playing cards, then try to get

your car out through the exit opening by shifting all blocking. Beginner level to Expert.                        Age 8+



Rat-a-tat Cat Mind game ‘96

More then just for having fun – this game (like many others in my store) has a strong educational value. Put on your poker face, then draw, swap, and sneak a peek to

get rid of rats and collect cats. The player with the lowest score wins                                                      Age 6+



SET  Mind-Game-1991 Winner of over 20 “Best Game” Awards! Find sets of 3 cards where each of four properties are either

different or the same in all 3. Age is no advantage in this game, which makes it a great family pastime!    6y+



Taboo!  Mind-Game-1990

The game of unspeakable fun - Get your team to guess the word “birthday”, but do not say “candles” or “happy”. More than 1,000 words to guess.                          Age 12+



Scattegories  Mind-Game-1990  Players try to match categories using words that start with the same letter. Only the unique answers count. A perennial favorite!      12y+


Will Shortz Puzzlemaster Decks These decks are packed with 75 brainteasers and mindbenders, each designed to challenge puzzlers of all stripes. A perfect gift for puzzle enthusiasts of all ages who want to test their brainpower.